Our eco-friendly commitment

As part of its eco-responsible commitment, Camping de la Cascade has been directing the consumption and treatment of resources towards practices that are increasingly respectful of the environment.

This desire for sustainable development allows us today to offer you holiday rentals and an environment where water, electricity, heating and waste treatment are increasingly controlled.

Water consumption

80% of the taps at the Camping de la Cascade are equipped with mousseurs which allow a reduction in water consumption. The old flow rate of 12 litres/minute is thus reduced to 6 litres/minute or 3 litres/minute.

Our sprinkler system is connected to a spring water tank and is equipped with drip irrigation.

Electricity consumption

Low-energy light bulbs have been replaced by LED bulbs, which almost halves their electricity consumption.

The hot water tanks are partly powered by solar panels for 60°C to 90°C water, 60% of which is heated by the sun.

Replacement of electric heaters

We are gradually replacing the old electric radiant heaters with heat pumps, which reduces the heating consumption in rental properties by a factor of 3.

Selective sorting

Selective sorting of waste bins is now offered on all rentals, pitches and common areas.

Short circuits

We favour the use of local products in order to respect as much as possible short production and consumption circuits.